Best for Valentine: All Purpose Dry Oil

It will be Valentine’s Day soon. Although I don’t have anyone special to spend this day together, I am going to share this special weapon that I use in some special day <3 Instead of sexy underwear, dress, perfume, makeup, hairstyle, and food, I think an all-purpose dry oil can satisfy your wishes at once 😉


Since I only have Nuxe All-Purpose Dry Oil, I will refer to this in this post.

1.) Silky Healthy Looking Hair

Regardless of the length, type, or color of your hair, it is nice to have silky healthy looking hair. Imagine your loved one touch your hair and cannot brush through your hair XD You want to avoid those awkward moments 😉 Apply few drops of dry oil on edges of your hair to detangle. The dry oil also leaves some natural flowery scent on your hair too.

2.) Smooth Skin

This Valentine’s Day is on a weekday so I think most people would go to a date right after their work. Instead of keeping multiple bottles in your bag, having a single bottle that can make our life easier. Use some on our elbows, knees, lips, and anywhere you want to smooth out. I like using it as a hand cream too.

3.) Always smell good

Since Nuxe dry oil has a very natural floral scent, I like using it on my hair, back of ears, hands, and knees. If the dry oil you own also has a very nice scent, I think it is better than using perfume since dry oil can moisture your skin but perfume can’t.


I think it is great to have a single bottle with multipurpose. Although I think the scent has to depend on our loved one, natural floral scent won’t be a miss. Thanks for reading! What is your secret weapon for the special date? I hope everyone has an amazing Valentine’s Day!



16 thoughts on “Best for Valentine: All Purpose Dry Oil

  1. I’ve got a couple of bottles of this but haven’t used it yet! Thank you for the review 🙂 my extensions are looking a little dry on the ends so I’m going to try it out now!


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