Basic things I need in my bag


Today I finally decide to wash my dirty bags and got inspired to write this post. I saw a lot of everyday essential posts or videos always show something fancy, so I decide to write something boring XD Although these are old school, they are my bag’s forever residents XD



Lipstick, Lip balm, Lip gloss, Lip….

Always keep our lip nice and juicy 😉 I always keep a lip balm in every bag, so I never have chap lips. I also think adding some colors to my lips makes me looks more awake XD I recently try my very first lip tint and loving the pigmentation! But they are a bit drying so I add lip balm on top.


Sunscreen or Makeup with SPF

Sun block is important for anti-aging and prevents skin cancer. Since the protection won’t last for 8 hours, I bring a sunscreen with me. I use it on my hands occasionally. If I wear makeup that day, I will bring a CC/BB/foundation cushion with me. Whenever I fix my makeup, I can apply sun block too. What a convenient tools 😉

Face Mist

I love this Tony Moly face mist packaging. I refill this with my face toner nad use it when my skin feels dry. Since I just refill with those cheap toners, I use it to clean my hairbrush and glasses some time XD



No matter what hairstyle I have, I always keep a hairbrush with me. I want my hair to look great all the time, especially I have long hair now. I think this type of hair brush is easier to clean and keep in my bag.

Flushable Cleansing Cloths

I recommend all my lady friends have this in their pocket, especially during those time of the month. I went to the baby section to get these gentle flushable cleansing cloths. I bring it with me all the time because if I ever have number 2, I can use this to clean myself better.I think this is super helpful and refreshing, especially I like wearing tight pants and during summer.


Hand Cream

I don’t have good looking hands so I at least try to keep my hand smooth and soft. I like using those thick and oily type. I believe those type of hand creams are more effective. I used to use L’occitane shea butter hand cream, but I use up too fast and it gets pricey. Now I just use some random brands from drugstores or from gift sets.


These are all my old school everyday essentials. Thanks for reading. I hope you like it 😉 Do you have any basic everyday essential? I always think people have water bottle as their everyday essential are the healthiest people in the world. I am trying to bring some water with me when I go out. I hope I can be healthier XD.



25 thoughts on “Basic things I need in my bag

      1. No problem!!! XD And omg thank you so much, it means so much to me you do!!! XD
        And yeah haha, thanks, it took me REALLY long to get that look to look good!! XD And I always wear a ponytail, high five!!!!


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