The Want List (Feb 2017)


It is February, and I am writing my shopping list XD Since there are a lot of brands release their new goodies for the new year, I think it is the time people shop for new clothes, accessories, skincare, etc. I actually did some shopping on a Chinese website Taobao already, but I still want some more 😉 Here are some items I want to get (Or I will get? XD )


1. Kiehl’s  Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque


I saw this new mask on Kiehl’s last month, and I want to try it so badly! This mask calms can provide an instant cooling sensation relieving skin for calming and refreshing hydration. Once my skin gets irritated, it turns red and breakout. It is so important for me to calm and hydrate my skin. Since I have used Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque and loving it, I want to try other Kiehl’s mask. Do you have any recommendation for masks?

2. Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Lace Halter Mock Neck Mini Dress



I found this dress when I randomly go to Urban Outfitters website XD They have a 25% off dress sale going on. They have black, rose and olive colors. I like dresses that can show a lot of my shoulder area and cover my chest. I also like skater skirt/dress too. They make me looks younger and my waist smaller. The open back adds sexiness and I think it will show my side boobs if my boobs are big enough XD I think it will be great to wear this during a date <3 But I already have a very similar dress, and I probably won’t have the courage to show my body. I think this will on my want list forever XD

3. Hollister High-Rise Jean Leggings


I haven’t bought a pair of jeans/pants for 5 years. I still wear my old pants and jeans. I think at that time I weight about 20 pounds more than I am now. Of course these jeans and pants get so loose. (Sad but funny that my waist and hips still able to keep my pants up XD ) Last week I went to their store and try several jeans. I found that I actually can wear at least two sizes smaller. I love high-rise jeans! I like how they can keep my belly warm, cover my body (I hate butt crack), and make my legs look longer! I also love jeggings! They are so comfy and make me admire my hard work <3

4. eRouge colored contacts for natural lady…


I was thinking to have an eyesight correct laser surgery. Although I may ask for different payoff plan, I am not sure if my prescription changed, and I will need to have breaks to recover. I also want to try colored contacts since they have been so popular in Asia already. Since I can choose my prescription for colored contacts, I want to get some natural ones to try. I believe they can change our vibes too. Some may give a more cute vibe, where other give a more mature vibe. I want to cut a bang, but I hate my glasses and bangs cover half of my face. I think wearing contact lense is an option for me 😉 Do you know any nice colored contacts brands? Or do you wear contact lens?


These are something I want now! Actually, I want a camera too, but I will research later when I save more. I was looking at some new clothes too. I think I will start buying new clothes to replace my old baggy non-fit clothes when my body shape is more stable.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day <3 What do you think? What is in your want list now?


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