2017 January Random Journal


Time goes so fast. This is the end of January already! I still think it is the first week of January XD Today, I feel like writing a journal instead of a monthly favorite since I actually don’t have favorite for this month 🙂 And, I really want to write everything out to help clear my mind.


New Year Resolution Update

The charming point about New Year Resolution for me is the time I reflect myself. So far I am doing great for my skincare. I sleep earlier, eat more vegetables and never skip clay/face mask. I still need to drink more water and try harder to put my phone away before sleep XD (Phone addiction is no joke) For my fitness side, although I workout about 15 minutes every morning, the lazy side of me stop me to workout more. I hope I can keep working out at least 15 minutes every day and keep it as a habit. I also know I am being lazy on blogging. Now I set a new goal for myself that I will post every Monday and Thursday. I think a fixed schedule works better for me, and it will be easier for followers to keep track on my blog 😉 I also need to stock up pictures to use on Instagram and blog. I am being lazy on Instagram so I didn’t gain followers. I am trying to take more pictures. Seriously, I always remember I need to take pictures after I finish my meal XD

Picking Niche for Blog?

This is something I think about a lot recently. I mentioned on my first post and  “About” page that I blog about skincare, healthy lifestyle and random thoughts. When I look at my blog posts, I feel like they are messy because I cannot tell what I mainly blog about. It may because I don’t have a decent amount of posts. I honestly don’t know which catalog I am in, and I really like blogs that blog about certain things only. I was thinking to pick a niche since it will help my blog and social media grow much faster. It will make my blog more organize, and easier for people to discover my blog. But, now I think I should just blog whatever comes to my mind and let my readers decide my niche 😉 It just hard for me to tell people what my niche is XD Maybe a lifestyle blogger?

My Future Blogging

I want to write more reviews, tips, and unboxing posts. I am trying to be helpful for my readers since I think blogging about myself only is making me be more self-center XD And I believe people prefer to read blogs that can help and inspire them. I want to enjoy blogging and also help people. I actually have some skincare product reviews coming up and will have 2 to 3 unboxing posts every month. I will do some research to write some informative posts 😉 I am learning to be a better blogger. I think my blog is my life. You will see me improve, grow and change. It is an interesting and fun progress. I know I will be proud of myself in future when I read all these posts. I may think I was childish, immature, sucks at writing or boring. Every time I imagine it, I feel motivated.


This is a random journal or you can call it a reflection. I hope it doesn’t make you feel bored too much. I wish everyone have a lovely day <3




19 thoughts on “2017 January Random Journal

  1. Lovely post Maggie 🙂 🙂 I too wonder if I should focus on a niche but then I love too many things, and want to blog about them all <3 <3 I do my best to make all my interest connect. I really like all the types of posts that you do. I love reading about peoples lifestyles, what motivates them, fitness, travel, health, if they are self-employed, if they are living their dream careers – things like that really interests me. I also like to inspire people to be the best they can and do what they love with their life. I'm now having to catch up on peoples blog spost because I've been so busy with work and study. I love blogging so much! Maybe in the future I might narrow down the topics I talk about, but for now I'll just keep talking about all the things I love lol x x

    1. Aww thank you very much! I just hope you take care yourself well since you are really busy and I don’t think you got enough sleep. Now I think about it. I think it is better to just write what we want. Although it is great to have a niche and get a lot of followers, our interest may change, and it is happier to write what we love. Lol but take care sweetie. Make sure eat fruits to get vitamins. Don’t get sick. Love you 😘😘😘

  2. Hi Maggie, you’re really cute! Good on you for going to bed earlier, taking care of your skin & eating more vegetables. As for choosing your niche, you could definitely be a lifestyle blogger! The beauty of being a lifestyle blogger is that while your blog is focused on lifestyle, you still can branch out on all sorts of topics so you don’t get bored. I have seen great success with a lifestyle blogger who admits that she doesn’t have a niche. Having a super specific niche can be restricting on your personality & the fun of blogging. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you very much, Viviane <3 You are such a nice sweetie <3 Yes. I don't want to restrict myself either. I think I will just call myself a lifestyle blogger then XD I really need to wait and let my blog grows naturally. I am still not good at waiting 🙂

  3. You need not worry about your posts been messy..as long as its well organised in categories its aiit..and I can see its well organised in categories..Dont worry much about what people say, its ur blog, your space so you can blog about anything that keeps you going..it all boils down to what makes you happy and not what your readers want..


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