Mini Haul in Daiso


Yesterday was a sunny nice day. I was shopping in a mall, and I found there is another new Daiso open in the mall!  By the way, Daiso is a Japanese store that sells cheap and cute goodies. Each item cost $1.50 usd (It should be $100 yen = $0.88 usd in Japan)

I think it is always fun to shop in dollar store, especially everything they sell are adorable ♥


I have to say that 70% of my stuff bought from Daiso XD I got my school supplies, cups, skincare, makeup bag, decor, slippers, etc. I can’t count how many things I got from Daiso.  And this time I want to get few more basket to organize my drawer 😉 And I got stuck in the snack section XD


So I end up buying some biscuits and candy with multiple different types of baskets. I also get a cutter for plants and a headphone extension. I really want to move everything from Daiso to my home XD But I guess I was not a crazy shopper at that time. At least I know I don’t need a lot of things XD

Do you shop in dollar stores? What you always get from a dollar store? Thanks for reading this. I will catch you all shortly. 🙂





39 thoughts on “Mini Haul in Daiso

        1. They do block some spam but it is sad that I miss a lot. If I was not checking my blog setting in Admin, I wouldn’t know.

  1. We have Daiso here in Sydney 🙂 🙂 Its one of my favourite stores for cute bargin things <3 <3 I really love to get stationery from there. I too also end up getting cute yummy snacks each time I go haha x x

  2. I used to go to Daiso and other 100yen stores a lot in Japan, but we don’t really have any stores like that in Estonia. I think there have been a couple of attempts of an 1euro store, but they have usually disappeared again in a couple of months after opening. To be fair, they never sold anything as useful or cool in those shops like you can find in a Daiso for instance.

    1. I see. I hope Daiso expand faster so we can see them everywhere like McDonald, KFC, etc XD And Daiso is an exception. Dollar tree in USA doesn’t sell much cute stuff. They are more basic DIY stuff.

  3. I have those containers too, include pink ones. Daiso is literally my favourite store, Maggie! It’s because everything is so cheap and cute. I love love love it!

  4. A store opened up near me and I’ve been wanting to check out this store 🙂 It sounds really cute, I love dollar trees. I usually buy something from the cosmetic section, cards and snacks.


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