Mini Haul in Daiso


Yesterday was a sunny nice day. I was shopping in a mall, and I found there is another new Daiso open in the mall!  By the way, Daiso is a Japanese store that sells cheap and cute goodies. Each item cost $1.50 usd (It should be $100 yen = $0.88 usd in Japan)

I think it is always fun to shop in dollar store, especially everything they sell are adorable ♥


I have to say that 70% of my stuff bought from Daiso 😄 I got my school supplies, cups, skincare, makeup bag, decor, slippers, etc. I can’t count how many things I got from Daiso.  And this time I want to get few more basket to organize my drawer 😉 And I got stuck in the snack section 😄


So I end up buying some biscuits and candy with multiple different types of baskets. I also get a cutter for plants and a headphone extension. I really want to move everything from Daiso to my home 😄 But I guess I was not a crazy shopper at that time. At least I know I don’t need a lot of things 😄

Do you shop in dollar stores? What you always get from a dollar store? Thanks for reading this. I will catch you all shortly. 🙂




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I am a 24 years old Asian girl living in San Francisco with natural brown silky long hair XD I love Asian beauty and currently learning more brands around the world. I am for sure a cat slave, but I couldn't have one in my apartment yet :( so I have a cat collection <3

35 thoughts on “Mini Haul in Daiso

  1. I used to go to Daiso and other 100yen stores a lot in Japan, but we don’t really have any stores like that in Estonia. I think there have been a couple of attempts of an 1euro store, but they have usually disappeared again in a couple of months after opening. To be fair, they never sold anything as useful or cool in those shops like you can find in a Daiso for instance.

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