I am the #1000 follower

img_20170114_094721.jpgYou are My #1000 follower

Congratulation and Thank you Anju! I am honor to be your #1000 follower πŸ˜‰

Please check Anju blog out! She is such an amazing person and blogger!

ItΒ is always fun to read her posts. I never get bored of it πŸ˜‰

It is an interesting feeling when you become the #100 #1000 #10000 or more follower. What a lucky girl am I XD (I always think people plan out to be the #something follower) Now she makes me looking forward to my #1000 follower.

I am so glad to meet every single one of youΒ β™₯




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I am a 24 years old Asian girl living in San Francisco with natural brown silky long hair XD I love Asian beauty and currently learning more brands around the world. I am for sure a cat slave, but I couldn't have one in my apartment yet :( so I have a cat collection <3

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