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Last month, I had my first online shopping at Sabon. I heard their brand a year ago and wanted to try their products so much. I wait a month to write this because I want to include their products review.

By the way, the link I attached above is for United State customers. Sabon also has stores located in Japan, Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, UK, Germany Netherland, and more. This is their store locator on their global site (Link). If you are interested, check it out! They may have one near you 😉

I first heard Sabon from a Japanese Youtuber (美希ぽんチャンネル) and continually see more from a Japanese magazine (Ray). I was first attracted by their packaging. Their packages remind me of a magical book and Alice wonderland (more mature version XD ). I think it will be fun to try body skincare product other than The Body Shop. I also like the fact that everything they used is recyclable, earth-friendly, and not animal tested.

Being said that they make everything recyclable, I have to complain about their shipping and packaging. This is the only thing I don’t like about Sabon (the USA site).

I ordered their Exploring Wonderland Kit for $71.25 USD. (Now they are on sale for $61.75 🙁 ) They shipped to my home about a week with this big box. I didn’t see anything protecting my order other than these bubbles, and I found it “sink” in the box XD I don’t know if they would use the same method if I order non-boxed items. If they do, I will have fun time searching my orders from this bubble sea XD

Once I opened the box, everything was so messy. I rearranged to take the picture on the right so it looks like the display. I was so scared if the shower oil would leak. Luckily it didn’t, but it was slightly slimy around the cap. I wish I could buy it from a physical store so it won’t give me a negative first impression. The containers of the body lotion, scrub and shower oil are made with a plastic-like material, so it is safe and not easy to break. The box was made with cheap looking paper. You can kind of see from the picture that some edges are not smooth out. Considering the original price ($95 USD), I think they can do better with the shipping and packaging. I strongly recommend buying online only when they are on sale. 😉

Let’s talk about their products. I love the scent and texture of their products <3 The shower oil smells so good in the shower and makes my skin soft. Although it named shower oil, it is gel type texture. It moisture my skin well, so I just need a thin layer of body lotion for the dryer days. It has a rosy womanly scent. You can smell it during and after showering. Some shower gel or oil doesn’t last long. I like using it at night, so the scent stays with me until next morning.  Me and my mom like it so much.


The body lotion and hand lotion are thick types (like melting butter). They moisture my skin well, but I will still go for body butter for drier days. Their body scrub is based on natural oils (Almond oil and Jojoba oil) and sea salt. Actually, they have a lot of oil in this small container. I don’t need to worry if I will use up all the oil before finishing the scrub. I don’t want to exfoliate my skin with salt only XD The oils make the scrub less harsh and make your skin so soft after washing. I appreciate this part of their products.

I love how they make their scent stay so long and make our skin so smooth and soft! Considering the price, I think it is not an everyday use product for me. I bought this kit for my mom and I just steal a bit to try and write this short review. I am thinking to buy their Jasmine collection since I love the smell of Jasmine.

By the way, I think they give up packaging and shipping to make it earth friendly XD I still like them, but if they can make shipping better, I will love them more.

I hope you enjoy reading my first time shopping experience in Sabon. If you are interested in it, check out their global site.



And below is an affiliate link to their USA site (It means if you make a purchase through the link below, I will get commission)

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    1. I think they need to seal it or do something about it. Buying in person and product still leaked is not a good way to sell their products. But I want to buy in person too. It is hard to imagine their scent though computer screen XD

      1. It’s worth checking out a store, if you’re able. They usually have a handwashing station where you can try one of their products (two, if you count the matching lotion). I have the orange-ginger line, and it smells really nice without being overpowering!

      1. yeahhhhhh thank you …. I was thinking from today morning when I had 984 followings that who will be the # 1000.
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