I Love Winter Tag – Q & A


Recently I am tagged by Capili Jiron  for this Winter Q&A tag. Thank you so much, Capili for tagging me because I love winter! Well, I think it is because it never snow in San Francisco, and it is cold enough to wear sweaters and coats. But overall, I love cold more than warm weather 😉

Questions & My Answer:

1. Favorite Lip Product


My lip always gets dry during winter, so I keep lip balms in all my bags. My favorite lip balm in winter is BURT’S BEES beeswax lip balm and Maybelline Baby lips Dr. Rescue. Both of them make my lip smooth during winter. I love BURT’S BEES because it is 100% natural and it cools my lip. I am the type of person who likes eating mint’s candy and takes a deep breath during winter. Maybelline Baby lips Dr. Rescure is really moisture and it adds really natural color to my lip. I love them. But to be honest, they last me forever XD

2. Favorite Drink

Other than tea, I love hot chocolate in winter. I like holding my mug during winter to warm my hands. I also like the bittersweet taste 😉

3. Favorite Nail Polish


I don’t use nail polish often, but the only nail polish I own is from Natural Republic. I have the shade NL9028 (green) and NL8243 (white). They are gel nail polish. I love it is the same color when you put on your nails. Some nail polish will be little lighter than you see from the bottle. This one just perfect! It also lasts long. I can keep them nicely more than three weeks. (My nails grew too fast, so I have to remove them)

4. Favorite Candle

Hmm, I never use candle because I am scared of fire XD. But I like to spray some of my Dasiy perfume on my bed during winter 😉

5. Favorite Attraction

Anywhere I can play snow. I never see snow in my life. I really want to touch them and play with them.

6. Favorite Accessory


My berets XD I love knit scarfs and hats in winter. They make us look so cute! Hats can hide our messy hair too, so you can be lazy to not brush your hair in winter 😉

7. Favorite Candy

I love eating mint candy in winter! I love eating them and take a deep breath at the same time. Those cold air clear my nose, my throat, my lungs and my brain XD I love that fresh feeling and it wakes me up sp well.

8. Favorite Movie

I don’t watch movies, but I love to watch YouTube. I love to watch Christmas theme video.They can be games, gift idea, DIY, decor or anything 😉

9. Favorite Blush

I love blush from Canmake. They always have cute colors with affordable price.

10. Favorite Things To Do

I love walking in the park during winter. Although it always rains during winter in San Franciso, when it is not raining, I will walk for a day in the park to enjoy that peace.



Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy and find something common with me 😉 Actually, the only thing I hate winter is: I always make cold as excuse to not exercise XD




19 thoughts on “I Love Winter Tag – Q & A

    1. Thank you for nominating me! I will save this for future since it kind of overlap my first blog post, and I am still new to blogging. You are the third person who nominated me for this award. You guys love me so much XD

  1. I liked this post so much!!!…wow,you’ve never seen snow…here we can’t go out because of the massive snowfall ….even this week’s exams are canceled because of that ❄❄⛄!!!

  2. Your berets are so cute! You’ve never seen snow before? Wow, hopefully you will get the opportunity in the future. <3 I don't use candles for the same reason too haha! I like your answers. ^^


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