BirchBox Unboxing (January 2017)


Recently, I stay in my friends’ place for few days. I was so thankful for all the samples I got from past online shopping. I don’t want to use their shampoo and other skincare products, so I brought few samples with me. They are so useful and make my luggage so much smaller.


I heard BirchBox is an affordable sample subscription box, so I tried it to store more samples in case I need them again XD Here is my first BirchBox in 2017.


Although I probably won’t buy them, I like how they list the products and their full size price. Actually I try this box because I mostly focus on Asian beauty products. It will be a good chance for me to try different brands. So don’t mind me if I can’t identify they are from famous brand 😉 I customized my box to more hair care focus since I want to grow my hair longer healthier, and I am picky on skincare products. Also I don’t really put makeup on, so I chose to subscribe BirchBox after I read so many reviews about how they don’t give enough makeup product samples XD

These are the R+Co OBLIVION Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner and Obliphica Professional Seaberry Serum. They are hair products. I really curious about seaberry. It sounds so yummy. I think I will store the shampoo and conditioner. I also think this serum possibly won’t last me 3 times XD I will try it when I have day off. Let see if it can make my hair smell yummy.

They are the bbrowbar Brow Definer – Cinnamon Spice (left), Odacite Black Cumin + Cajeput Serum Concentrate (middle), and Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream – Lavender (right). I think this brow pencil is little light for me. I have dark brown eyebrows. I will still use it. I think it may give me a softer look. For the serum, it said it is for anti-acne. I will try it on my acne when I have new one. I think it will be fine since it just contain organic black cumin, cajeput and vitamin E oil. I also want to try this shaving cream. I have never used shaving cream before. It is a good chance for me to try one. I heard it will make our shaving job smoother and safer.


Thank you so much for reading my short unboxing! I think most of the item are repeating for past boxes. I still like what I got from this box. Sometime full size products are waste if they don’t fit our own skin type. I like sample size, and I am collecting shampoo samples XD I hope next month will have more hair care products. After three to four months, I may switch mine to other focus, so I can try more different things 🙂

Thanks for reading again! Feel free to comment below. Do you subscribe to any subscription box? I will see you in my next post ♥



33 thoughts on “BirchBox Unboxing (January 2017)

      1. Yeah, I never feel like customizations do much haha I’ve looked at the birchbox tag on ig and i feel like they send out the same samples to everyone just in different months. I hope you keep getting good stuff!

  1. Great box this month! I absolutely love Birchbox! If you do reviews on the hair products and there is a question about if these sort of products are related to you or something like that. If you keep selecting yes to that question for hair products you will get more hair goodies and Birchbox has a lot!!!

    Check out my review on my page please and let’s follow each other!

    1. Thank you! I have tried few other subscription boxes. I was so serious at that time, so I got disappointed. Now I change my way of thinking. I just try those cheaper one. And I read other people review for their past box to decide if I should subscribe them. I am happy that you like my post. Thanks for encouraging me 😉

    1. Thanks for commenting <3 Actually I am not too into subscription box. I recommend to subscribe those cheaper one. If they are fail, you won't feel disappointed that much 😉 Wish you find wonderful one.

  2. I’ve found my Birch boxes to be hit or miss. For example, I keep getting dry shampoos, which I don’t use at all. I just wanted to say that two of your samples- The R + Co Oblivion and the Obliphica serum are two products that I love. I’ve been using the serum daily for about a year, it makes my hair super glossy and smells heavenly. I use the clarifying shampoo once a week and it a great reset for my hair, getting the product build-up out. Love them both!

    1. I see. Actually I don’t know what I can do with dry shampoo either. Maybe use them when I decide to cut bangs? And you make me happy and curious to try them! I will keep them when I travel for sure now. They will keep my hair beautiful during travel <3 Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. I don’t subscribe to any subscription boxes, but I love the idea of them! Maybe one day I’ll get my own :)) I am not big into make up either, and I think I’d do the same thing you did with focusing it on hair care. I am still figuring out how to keep it moisturized after moving to such a dry area!


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