My 3 Tips for Acne Care


I used to suffer from acne problems during my teens and college years. Although it was not a serious acne problem, it made me hate my face and myself. I have tried many different things and wasted a lot of money. Lucky enough, I finally find something that’s work for me. If you also suffer from acne problems, and those common acne cure method doesn’t work for you, maybe you can try what I do.


1. Stop using acne products

I have tried so many acne products such as Proactive, acne cream from drugstore or dermatologist, tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, etc. None of them stop me breaking out, and actually, they made me breakout more or have skin rashes. Here, I have to point out aloe vera. I cannot find any aloe vera gel or real aloe that doesn’t over dry my skin. It is weird since it should hydrate our skin. I also find out that I couldn’t use any product that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. They are the most common ingredients in acne products and exfoliate products. If you are using acne products and can’t see hope, I recommend you to stop using any acne products and try to find regular skincare products that are not oil-free and gentle for your skin.

2. Hydrate your skin

Continue with not using oil-free skincare product, I found out some oil-free products make my skin more oily (=breakout). I recommend using gel type moisturizer since milk and cream type are too oily. We need a little bit oil to lock the water in our skin, and it helps prevent fine lines. We don’t want our face to have acne and winkles 😉 I use a face mask once a week, and my face looks so much healthy and better. When our skin is healthy, acne won’t come.

3. Incorporate more Vitamin C food/supplement

I start taking Vitamin C supplement about two years ago. I noticed my acne scars fade faster, and my skin looks brighter and healthier. I am not sure if I just have a cleaner diet or the vitamin C is helping, but I breakout rarely. I only breakout during the period time or not watch out what I eat. I recommend eating some kiwis or oranges during morning and afternoon. You can also add lemon in your water or tea. If you take supplements, make sure drink enough water to help absorption and not overdose. Vitamin C is water soluble, so it works the best if we drink more water 😉


These are 3 little tips I learned from my acne history. I still have a lot to share. Please comment below if you want to read more. I hope everyone has flawless healthy skin! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day 😉 ♥



44 thoughts on “My 3 Tips for Acne Care

  1. This is very helpful and I do agree 100% with those tips. Guys if ur interested im gonna write more tips through here and see if they help as well. I had acne from age of 17 to 20 when I finally found the solution to dealing with acne.

  2. This is a really helpful post 🙂 I suffer with acne too and have found it’s the most simple and natural things that help. Gosh I wish I knew that before spending so much on acne products! 🙄😂

    1. Glad this help you. I am not against acne products, but I think they work on specific people only (not me anyway). I wish I don’t have acne at all so not wasting any money XD Anyway, acne really helps me understand and learn my skin better.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I too experienced severe acne problems in my teens. It has lessened now, I used a lot of products, still use neem face wash to keep it under control… It seems as if I can never get completely rid of acne.

    1. I don’t think I will get completely flawless skin and never have acne. In fact, my mom told me she got acne few days ago, but she is 56 this year XD I just hope I can breakout as less as it can. Now I just have 1-2 pimples around those time of the month. It is way better than my college time.
      I am happy that I don’t need to waste more money on those acne product now.
      Thanks for stopping by <3

    1. Thanks for commenting. Hope these tips can help you. Hmm I don’t have a fix face cream. The most frequent I use is Orgins-Make a Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment. I also make a review here:

      I think as long as the face cream you use doesn’t make your face oily or too dry. It is great. Try something that’s gel type and has calming effect.
      Good luck!

        1. I think you can try their Origins Mega Mushroom lotion (it is toner actually). It is the one that’s helping me. I order their face cream but haven’t tried it yet. If I do, I will make sure write a review. Thanks 🙂

  4. You are so right about not using acne products! I used to use them and they would sting my face but I’d still use it 😭😓 now I hydrate my face as much as possible with moisture and I am less oily.

    1. Thanks for commenting <3 Vitamin C works at long run, it will help her acne heal faster, but she will still need to find out why she breakout. For me, I need to really keep everything clean. (my face, fingers, pillow, hair, etc) Hope it helps her 🙂


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