Sunshine Blogger Award 2!


Hi! I got nominated by Mathew for another Sunshine Blogger Award, and thank you so much for nominating me 🙂 This time the questions are around the anime and gaming, so it is different than the previous one. I hope you can know another side of me 😉 ♥

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in the blog post and links back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog


Mathew’s Questions & My Answer 😉

What kind of trading cards, if you any, do you collect?

I never collect trading cards, but if I will, I will collect online game characters. Ex: Touken Ranbu characters 😉

How do you play video games? On console, portable device (Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita), Smartphone, or PC?

I play on 3DS and my phone. Mostly my phone since I can just pull it out anytime. My  PS4 broke for a while and I haven’t brought a new one yet XD

Do you have a favorite game board to play?

Hehe. I love Chinese checker. I used to collect every glass ball and put them in a jar. So beautiful under sunlight.

If you met someone that wants to get into anime, what anime series would you recommend them?

Hmm..It really depends on what are they interested in. Do they like sport? daily life? horror? comedy?  panty(?)?   But I think One Piece is the best intro for anime 😉

If the same person asked what anime to avoid, what series would you not recommend?

Well, I guess none because all of them are super awesome!

What was the recent movie you seen this year, 2016?

Koe no Katachi. I wanted to watch it so so much after I watch the trailer. It is my most recent movie 😉

What’s the recent cringiest moment you ever heard or saw you have ever experienced (in anime terms or non)?

There is one time I was checking out Prison School manga and skipped a little chapter to read the recent story. And then I was disgusted by a scene that Hana pee ON Kiyoshi face! This scene just stuck in my head and I can’t read the manga anymore.

Do you remember your first follower when you started to blog?

Of course! She is SimpleUla. It means so much for this first one. I really appreciate her kindness 🙂

Who do you follow the most as soon as you log in your WordPress account?

Hmm..Actually just go to reader page to read everyone newest post.

If you could have any food or meal for your last meal, what would you eat? (money is ignored)

I want a seafood rice bowl!!! Sashimi♥

What’s the number 1 goal do you plan to do in 2017? It could be about your blog or personal life.

I will keep up my content, and I want to hit 1000 followers at the end of 2017!


My questions:

  1. Pick one: Manga? Anime? Game?
  2. What makes you get into anime/manga/gaming?
  3. If you can get in any anime/manga/gaming world, which one you want to live in?
  4. Any recommendation for anime/manga/gaming?
  5. What anime/manga/gaming you recently into?
  6. Why do you start blogging?
  7. Who is/are your favorite blogger/YouTuber/vlogger?
  8. Have you ever believe Santa existed?
  9. What is your plan for Christmas?
  10. What is your new year resolution?
  11. Any goal or plan for next 5 years?



Bloggers who joined:

Artist By Beauty – Capili Jiron  She is very sweet and lovely! I like how she shares her hard work on her blog. You can see her art get better and better each day. Please go to her blog and check out her answer 😉


I hope you enjoy reading my answers and feel free to be my nominates 😉 I am not going to nominate anyone now. But if you think this is interesting and want to do it, I will add your blog link to this post. So feel free to join 😉



22 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award 2!

      1. Oh girrrl, I’m suchhhh an avid lover of ramen, people look at me weird when I tell them thats one of my favorite foods- but its just so good and warming with the broth- I just can’t resist. Japan would be awesome to go to for the food I can only imagine the yummy goodness that have over there!

              1. Oh true, I never thought about that- they definitely have Americanized it over here in the US although there are a few hidden gems that have authentic korean food/korean bbq. My favorite thing would have to be bulgogi (it’s like thinly sliced beef with the most amazing seasoning (the seasoning is what makes it) I have yet to explore the korean BBQ places near me since Ive moved but I found one I want to try so if I ever do, Ill be sure to show you!!!


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