My Thanksgiving/BlackFriday Haul 2016

I know it is bit late for the haul post, but I really want to post this Thanksgiving/BlackFriday haul after I received everything 🙂

This year I didn’t buy much online as previous year since I am in low budget. I shopped from Wishtrend, ASOS, F21, Origins and Kiehl’s. I spent the most from Wishtrend because I always buy my whole year skincare products from them at once, and this year they release some new products that I want to try out.


Wishtrend this year gift some sheet masks and samples as always. I think if they can offer more gifts for people who purchase more, I will love them more. (2014 they gift a tote bag + samples, 2015 they gift a makeup bag + samples). Shipping is fast and order is well packaged. I feel safe to order from them, and I think if next year they still offer great discount during Thanksgiving, I will buy from them again.


I brought so many C21.5 facial masks and serums. As I mentioned on my Wishist and Instagram, I am going to try this newer version and make a before-after blog post. I also brought the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum and I’m From Volcanic Mask to try. Let’s see if I like them and if it is as good as other people said 😉



I was running out clay mask and I saw Kiehl’s had the buy $65+ minus $20. So I brought Nature-Power Masque Collection and Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. I used this mask every week and like how they clean my face well, so I buy some to stock up 🙂

Forever 21


I brought a hooded sweatshirt dress and a cat ears beret! I love cats and this cat ears beret is so cute! And I just notice I look good at beret instead of other hats. I think I might buy beret in future 😉

I also brought a taupe front button cardigan with some hair pins and bracelet. I like gold and little pieces. I think this is girly and cute 🙂




I have been looking for a coat long time ago! I brought this hooded wool blend duffle coat with check liner from ASOS when they on sale. I love it is casual and cute! Also it has a hat. I like how ASOS allow us to return item without cost! I brought this and was prepared to exchange different size, but it just fit perfectly! I have hard time finding coat that’s fit my shoulder line, and this coat is just perfect! I wear this almost everyday 😛



This is one of my item from my wishlist, and when I saw they offer a 25% off, I just buy it right away XD The final price is just the regular price of the serum so this set is very affordable! I wish I can have more money to buy more.

So these are what I brought on BlackFriday. I really hope I can have more money because these sales are just insane. And actually I spent about $350 usd on all these things! I think I really control myself this year ;P But, I learn some brands doesn’t worth to buy during Thanksgiving. Their sale is regular holiday sale, so it made no difference. And this year shopping also tell me I should avoid spending money other than Thanksgiving. I think other than clothes, I will just wait until next year sale 🙂

Do you like my haul? Did you buy anything during the sale? Hope you enjoy!



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15 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving/BlackFriday Haul 2016

  1. Nice post! I absolutely love that cardigan, I can’t wait to see some pictures of it on you hopefully! And I agree about liking gold little bracelets, they always look so cute 🙂 <3


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