Winter Skincare Routine

It is getting colder these day, so I think it is good time to share my current/winter skin care routine. Please noted that I have sensitive oily to normal skin type. My skin breakout occasionally. (If I eat too salty food, touch my face too often, and around period time)



After I clean my face in the morning, I like to use this Origins mega-mushroom toner to calm my skin. I like how it can instantly calm my redness and even my skin tone. It doesn’t smell artificial. It smells like natural plant or fresh mushroom we can get from market 😉 I love using it. It helps my sensitivity and helps me breakout less.

I prefer gel type moisturizer during day even in winter because the moisture level is perfect combine with sunscreen. If I use cream type, my face will get too oily and shine though the day ;). I use this  Origins rejuvenating treatment. It also has that natural grapes scent. Sometime I use this instead of serum at night, and it really hydrates my skin.

Also, I use Missha All around safe block essence sun for my everyday sunscreen. I love it because it is light and not sticky, but it also provide some moisture to your skin. I have been using this sunscreen for three years, and I am not going to change it. But if I put on makeup, I will skip this sunscreen since my BB cream has decent sun protection for my day. I don’t want my face get too oily and need to fix makeup too often.



At night after I take a shower, I will use this toner and then use Skinmiso pore corset serum. It is supposed to minimize my pores. Although I can’t see the difference by my eyes, this serum gives a cooling effect and makes my skin less sensitive (=breakout less). I think it helps fading my acne scars too. So far it is my favorite serum.

After my skin absorb the serum, I put on Skinmiso pore zero night cream . I like how this is not heavy oily type but make your skin really smooth in the morning. I can’t see the “pore zero” effect either, but I like it as a moisturizer. I think I might need to switch to heavier type later when I am older and skin get dryer, but this works great for me now.


My winter skincare routine is really simple and if weather gets very dry, I would use sheet mask to moisture my skin at night to replace serum. Just make sure you use moisture or hydrate type sheet mask and leave those oil control type for summer. (I actually don’t use oil control at all).

I have been using this combination for 3 winters, and my skin loves them. I hope I can help you a little bit, and feel free to leave any comment below. What is your must have skincare item in winter?


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21 thoughts on “Winter Skincare Routine

  1. My must have is simply Ponds Cold cream and dry skin cream. It loves my dry skin and my dry skin loves it. I have been using it for years. Love your routine.


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