Thanksgiving/Christmas WishList


I always get so excited when it comes to November because it means I can shop! A lot of brands offer discount and special gift sets during these season.  And of course I will be broke before 2017 XD I am writing this to share some places I shop, so you may find goodies like I do too.

1. Wishtrend sells Korean beauty products, and I have been shopping from them since 2012. 70% of my skincare and makeup products brought from here. They offer the best discount during Thanksgiving every year, so I always save up and buy from them at once. I also like the brand they offer are not common known like Etude House and Innisfree. (At least I don’t know them before I shop in Wishtrend).

a. Skinmiso- Pore Beauty Nose Pack


If you or your loved one same as me who is struggling with blackheads, this is a life saver for him or her. It is a pack so won’t make your nose hurt or dry like nose strip does. And most importantly, it cleans your pores very well! (Sometimes I feel like it cleans too well 😛 ) I think it will be great if you can give it a try. I believe Ebay sells this too. You can compare the price since Wishtrend offer free shipping if you buy more than $69 usd.  Sometimes buying from Ebay is cheaper.

b. C20-  Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advance Serum and Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask


I eye on this for so long since I have tried their older version and had a great experience. It faded my acne scar a lot faster and even out my skin tone. I want to try this newer version with my mom to see if it works well on both of us. Please make sure to check their manufacture date when you purchase since Vitamin C get oxidized quite fast.

2. Sabon

I found this brand from one of my favorite Japanese fashion magazine “Ray”, and I saw some Japanese YouTubers recommend this brand for body care, so I want to give it a try. Besides this, Sabon’s gift set are so cute and useful. For example, they have a set includes body lotion, shower oil, eau de toilette, nail polish and all of these in a cross body bag. (The second picture above). I think it is great for guys choosing their girlfriend gift especially this collection named “girlfriend” 😉


I used to shop frequently from Sasa when I was trying different skincare product. They sell beauty products for a lot of brands such as Dior, SKII, Nuxe, DHC, The History of Whoo, etc. When you shop from Sasa, make sure you compare the price from multiple websites. Most of the time, Sasa sells more expensive, but once a while you can get great deals. For example, I brought Nuxe multi-purpose dry oil with 70% off! It was around $12 usd (original need $45 usd from the Nuxe official site).

4. Origins


Dr.Andrew Weil For Origins Mega Relief Set

I love this collection from Origins so much! I use their toner (they call it lotion) as daily skincare routine. It calms my redness and helps me breakout less. This gift set include full size for the serum which is the product I want to try the most! I always think my skin breakout because I have sensitive skin. I will try this collection and maybe write a review later 😉 And to be honest, I am waiting for Thanksgiving to see what discount they offer.


Here are few places I am going to shop this year. What are some places you shop frequently? Please leave a comment below so we can exchange resources 😉

*Please noted that all pictures in this post are from the shop website mentioned above.

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