My Fitness Journey (Start)


Like many girls, I am very insecure about my body. I always think I am chubby, my belly is big even though my family and my friends keep telling me that I have a normal body. I tried to exercise, but I cannot keep it consistently more than two weeks. I can have a strict diet, but I know it is very bad for my health, and it can’t help me to get a nice body.

Now I have a healthy diet and my weight is slowly decreasing, so I think it is time to force myself start exercising. I want to have some nice abs and lifted butt like those bikini girls on Tumbler or Instagram. I want my body looks fit and tighten. I want to prove myself that I can do it! And I think it will be a great motivation for both you and me if I post my before after on blog. I can’t give up unless I close my blog. XD

Below is something I will do, so you know my plan, and where to track my progress.

1. Workout video—FOCUS T25

My cousin tried T25 and give a positive review. I have tried first three weeks, and I can see my butt get a and lifted so I borrow from my cousin again and stick with it. If you curious about if T25 works, you can follow my future post 😉

2. 5 minutes Abs workout video

I will do 5 minute Abs from XHIT —-> This Video. I choose this video not just because I admire her body. I also want to do some more workout just for my belly since it is my most insecure part. And this 5-minute video is super easy to fit in my daily schedule.

3. Post progress every day on Instagram

I will post my meal or workout pictures on Instagram once every day like diary. In this way, I can’t make excuses to skip a workout. Most importantly, I can track my hard work and keep myself motivated. And here are my current pictures:


I will post my before & after blog posts as followings

1st month (December 26th, 2016)

6th month (May 26th, 2017) (fail)

It will be my life-time challenge, but I really want to spend my effort doing it to impress everyone and myself 🙂

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14 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey (Start)

  1. Hey Maggie, love your goals! I am wanting to get in better shape too :)) just wanted to let you know that I will be doing a plank challenge in January with some other bloggers if you feel like joining in! I’ll have more details soon. And thanks for the follow <3

  2. Sticking with a consistent active and healthy lifestyle is challenging, but so worth-it! I struggle with it too. The fact that you can stick with it for 2 weeks is an excellent start! I think that you have an excellent plan in place and I am looking forward to following your progress. You can do it!!! Oh, and drink lots of water 🙂
    <3 Alana

      1. It’s awesome that you start your day with morning workouts. Yeah, it has been so cold I have had a hard time thinking straight sometimes :). Stick with it, you will definitely see results soon!


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