Let’s start my simple life story

Hello there. I’m Maggie. I’m a 24 years old girl living in San Francisco. I am also a full-time worker and a dream chaser. Working at home always is my dream and goal since I was a child. Being a blogger is something I want to be but afraid to start since obviously I can’t write, and I am afraid to show myself to the world.

I saw a lot of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers grow from few hundred to million followers. I am happy for them, and I always imagine if I can be one of them. I changed my mind and faced my fear because I got motivated by a quote I saw on a random post online. It is a very old and true advice, “if you change nothing, nothing will change.” It motivates me to start blogging. I also think blogging is a great way to learn and connect.

I am still learning to take beautiful photos, write grammar free paragraphs, get myself out there, and so many other important things to help me achieve my goal. I know it may take my life to achieve but I am one step closer to my dream. This blog will record my journey and wish can motivate you as well.

I hope you can start chasing your dream with me


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20 thoughts on “Let’s start my simple life story

  1. I love your blog! It’s amazing how a quote can give such inspiration and a powerful feeling. I’m glad it gave you the motivation to move forward with your writing. I’ve been told for over two years I should blog because of how passionate I am about writing and wanting to help others. I just felt like many people may not feel the same way.

    I’m very new to this as well and just did my introduction today. My plans are to blog about coping with invisible illnesses and diseases as I was born with a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos, I also want to blog on mental health, and the greiving aspect of losing a loved one. I want to turn my negative experiences into something positive for others. I feel as if I can help one person in the world than my goal is accomplished. I still have a lot of learning to do about this blogging life, lol.

    I have followed you to check up on your updates. If you would like to check my introduction out please do so at : Expressit2017.wordpress.com

    Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your blogging.


    1. Thank you Ashley! It is good that you start! You never know how your words can save or help someone. It is good that you going to spread positive energy! I hope you also enjoy blogging too. I support you 🙂

      1. You’re very welcome and I feel the same way about your posts as well. I used to spent a lot of time on FB but I figured it would be much more productive to do something to help others 🙂

  2. Hey Maggie!! I find it amazing how you are determined to reach for your dreams!! Let me tell you, you already write quite well, and it is only going to get better and bigger! Great going!!

  3. Best of luck Maggie and welcome to the blogging world!
    Write what’s in your heart that you intend this blog would contribute to your readers and to the world.

  4. Hi there, I’m also a new blogger and I hope it’s something I can do more often as well. I haven’t been very consistent with posting but my goal right now is to be able to post once every week. Congrats on your blog! xo

    1. Thank you very much! I love your Ask Precious section in your blog <3 I may use it later 😉 I was thinking to write whenever I want but since my work schedule is quit consistent, I decided to post every four days. So just do whatever best fit for you 🙂

  5. Hey there 🙂 I saw you follow me on Instagram (Tabachui) and was curious to check out your website. I too, feel the same way and hope to become successful in blogging, hopefully to make it a full time career. I’ve been blogging for a while now and it was hard at first because I had to figure out what I wanted to talk about. I worked on my blog real hard to make it this far, I’ve come to this point I enjoy just being myself and expressing my photography skills.

    I wish you the best, and remember to always be yourself!


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